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Food isn’t what it used to be. We made it better, and we did it by building a different kind of farm. A farm that doesn’t need sun, soil, or favorable weather to do its thing. A farm where pesticides have no place—because everything’s indoors, monitored and controlled, twenty-four seven.

Our Story

Who We Are

Green Amazon is a family-owned company; Prof. NOSIR, the CEO and the founder of the company started his research in sustainable agriculture and natural farming over 18 years ago. CEO traveled to over 30 different counties to explore and find the natural solutions technology in these countries. Green Amazon now consists of 14 other research teams in different countries, working together to develop a realistic and sustainable farming technology and services. Green Amazon team is now expanding; we currently have over 54 different formulas specialized in all agriculture aspects. All we hope is to provide natural and sustainable technology for the future.

Our Impact

We grow better every day. From day one, we’ve had a vision for a different kind of farm—one that can produce more tasty, nutritious food with fewer resources.

Miles of trucking will be saved
Pounds (LBS) of food waste will be avoided
Gallons of water will be saved
Green Amazon

Solutions for a healthier,
sustainable future

Smart Fertilizer
( Green Spark)

Smart Vertical Farming

Smart Repellent


Green Amazon


We are of the opinion that anyone using this system can and will be more successful, than just doing guesswork, or believing the Fertilizer Reps, whom have to earn commission on sales. By using less and more efficient fertilizer types, we are not destroying our soils like in the past. Soil structures are improving, and signs of soil microbial life is much more noticeable. We highly recommend this system to all farmers and agronomists.
Harry Jones
CEO, Advanced Farming
Thanks a lot, I appreciate the quick delivery and also the quality is good. Thank you Green Amazon for such a smooth service. My garden looks great. Well done, keep up the great work!
Larry Thompson
CEO, New York
Green Amazon has done good work by listing certified natural product which is good for agriculture, farmers and environment, Thanks a ton.
Andrew Williams
Director, New York

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